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Apple Cider Vinegar Arthritis Remedies

Those who have arthritis are always looking for ways to relieve the pain it causes and some even want a natural way to be able to get rid of or relieve the arthritis pain that they may be feeling.  You can try using apple cider vinegar for arthritis pain and see if that helps with your flare-ups.

Some believe that arthritis is a problem that is started because of the digestive system, but mainly arthritis is a problem because of calcium build up on the joints in the body.  When the buildup gets to a certain point it will start to cause a problem with either occasional flare-ups of pain and tightness, or chronic pain and soreness.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Arthritis

What can help keep the calcium from building up or even helping to decrease it a little bit, is by using something that has the right amount of acid in it.  The acid that is in the cider vinegar can enter the digestive system, which will help in making sure there is a correct balance of the important nutrients, enzymes, etc in the body. There are a few different ways you can use ACV to relieve symptoms.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

One suggestion is to combine apple cider vinegar, honey and warm water together and drink it. Start with one serving a day and slowly increase the number of times you take it as you see how you react to drinking it. Normally, three times per day should be plenty for most people. But if drinking it that often bothers your stomach, teeth or mouth, just drink the mixture once a day.

Some people report that drinking this ACV and honey mixture has helped them to feel better as long as they were taking it on a regular basis, meaning they didn’t have any more problems with arthritis.

Drinking Vinegar Straight

I have seen some recommendations for taking the apple cider vinegar all by itself, but I generally think it is a bad idea to drink ACV undiluted because of the damage it can do to your teeth. Your stomach probably won’t appreciate it either.

ACV Pills

Another option is to try taking apple cider vinegar pills as a daily supplement to relieve arthritis pain. For some people, this may be a preferable alternative to drinking it every day.

There are those who feel that you may be helping out the arthritis by using the apple cider vinegar, but it can be damaging the teeth or other parts of the body so you have to weight the benefits vs the side effects of apple cider vinegar.  Generally, as long as you the ACV is dilute though, it should not be too much of a problem. And of course, if you are using ACV pills, the acid won’t have any interaction with your teeth at all.

If there are concerns it is important to talk with your local doctor to see what the best option for you would be.  If you are taking other medications, you need to make sure the cider vinegar option will not interact negatively with your medication. A pharmacist should be able to answer this question for you.

Of course using apple cider vinegar to help with arthritis needs to be combined with a healthy diet and any other recommendations from your doctor.  The apple cider vinegar is just one of the things that can be used to help make living with arthritis a little more bearable.

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