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Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux along with heartburn are two of the most misery causing afflictions that people can suffer from today. Many times, the conditions are so serious that they require prescription medication to provide any relief at all. While more serious cases of acid reflux may require medication to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep, there is a natural remedy that can be used to alleviate the suffering during the day. It’s called organic apple cider vinegar.

If you want to make the best use of apple cider vinegar for acid reflux control, then you want to either make your own or buy a raw or all natural vinegar. This is vinegar created from organically grown apples that have been aged and crushed into apple cider. The unfiltered vinegar will appear to be a brownish yellow in color and contains what is called the “mother of vinegar” or the “mother.”  All of the healthy properties live in this stringy glob that floats around in the liquid.

Needed minerals can be found in apple cider vinegar including magnesium, phosphorous, chlorine, sodium, sulfur, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, and fluorine. These contribute to how this vinegar fights bacteria. It is also what makes it a good treatment for acid reflux.

It may be confusing to you as to how apple cider vinegar can be a helpful treatment of acid reflux. Wouldn’t it seem that a substance with a high acid content such as vinegar would only make things worse? Actually, for many people who have acid reflux, this is the very thing that alleviates the burning and nausea brought on by acid reflux.  The reason for this is that apple cider vinegar mimics the level of acid in the stomach and helps food digest properly, which also helps the stomach in digesting. In a significant number of cases, vinegar helps acid reflux as well as heartburn more effectively than the best antacids on the market. In fact, if the problem is caused by not having enough stomach acid, the antacids will only make the acid reflux occur more frequently.

Although it is available in tablet and capsule, the best way to take apple cider vinegar is in liquid form that has the “mother” enzyme. Shake the bottle thoroughly before taking so that the mother is mixed well with all of the liquid. Then try one tablespoon of the vinegar prior to mealtimes. It does not taste pleasant but you may grow used to it after a while. However, if you don’t, there are some other ways to get it down. These include mixing a tablespoon of it in a light mayonnaise or fat free salad dressing to eat with your meal, sprinkling a tablespoon of it on vegetables or salad, mixing a tablespoon in eight ounces of water with honey, or adding it to hot water and sipping it like a tea. While it’s better to take the apple cider vinegar before each meal, it’s also fine to take a tablespoon of it if you have an upset stomach.

Following a few days of this regimen, a lot of sufferers of acid reflux report improved symptoms, and that this improvement continues with treatment during the next months. You should know, though, that there are some mild side effects from apple cider vinegar. These are upset stomach, worsening heartburn, and thinning of the blood. So if you are taking any blood thinners, you should avoid adding apple cider vinegar to your diet.

While this is a natural remedy that has been known to work for many people who suffer from acid reflux, it is always advisable to check with your doctor before embarking on any type of self-treatment. In addition, natural treatment should not take the place of any medication or treatment that your doctor has prescribed without speaking with him or her first.

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