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Apple Cider Vinegar for Gout

Most people know that apple cider vinegar has a great nutritional value. With a good quantity of healthy vitamins and minerals, ACV is known to have many uses for promoting internal health, along with better hair and skin. So, it’s natural for those affected by certain illnesses, such as gout, to feel curious about whether it would have a healing effect on their health condition. It may be a relief to those with gout to find that ACV just might be the answer to their misery. A healthy dose of cider vinegar can have a great effect in reducing the pain and ache of gout.

The malic acid contained in ACV can dissolve uric acid that is held in joints. The amino acids in cider vinegar act as an antibiotic and help to reduce toxicity. The potassium content can also remove toxic waste from the affected area, and all together, they can flush it from your body. This is good news for anyone wanting to try using  apple cider vinegar for gout.

As a result of these acids, taking in ACV helps relieve the inflammation and swelling that comes with gout, in turn, nearly eliminating the accompanying pain. To get these benefits, be sure that you have a proper dosage, which is 2 to 3 tablespoons a day. If you don’t want to take it straight, you can add it to water or fruit juice. There are also a number of recipes that require it; certain fruit salads, especially. Some people also mix the ACV with honey to dilute the taste even further before adding it to water. That is the best option if you find the taste too strong.

Of course, this should be paired with a proper diet for your condition. That means cutting back on certain meats such as hearts, liver, goose, turkey, kidneys, and livers. You will also want to avoid certain sea foods such as anchovies, herring, salmon, mussels, and scallops.

There is a more topical use of apple cider vinegar for gout. All you have to do is pour some on a clean dry rag and apply it to the affected area, leaving the cloth on your skin for around 15 minutes. It can soak into the skin and relieve pain that way.

You can also soak the gout with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. it will take approximately 3 cups of water to every 1 cup of vinegar. This allows the skin absorb the ACV into the gout. Ingestion is always useful, but applying it directly to the skin can also be quite beneficial.

If you’re concerned about what kind of cider vinegar to pick, go with the one that has a darker color, if possible. The non-distilled apple cider vinegar contains the “Mother,” which holds more nutrition than the distilled cider vinegar. It is through this apple cider vinegar and gout remedy that is most effective.

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