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What is Vinegar Made Of?

If any of you are like me, knowing what vinegar is made of is something that may peak your interest a little bit. There are different types of vinegar, so the basic part of the vinegar is the same and then other things will be added based on the type of vinegar that is being made.

The process for making vinegar starts with wine or fruit juice, depending on what is being used for flavoring, to vinegar. The different types of vinegar include: wine, cider or distilled vinegar. The amount of vinegar used for each of the different types of vinegar based on what type of vinegar is being made. Some of the different ingredients include things like apple cider, herbs and even fruit, the amount is based on what is needed to make the different types of vinegar unique.

This process is a slow and natural process. For example, when making Cider vinegar, the cider is left open at room temperature in containers such as vats. During the months that follow the juices ferment into what we know as alcohol and then it will be oxidized into acetic acid. It is a chemical process that the ethyl alcohol goes through a partial oxidation to a acetaldehyde. Then it goes to acetic acid in the final stage.

The French process is mostly the same, but it will also add fruit juice periodically to batches of raw vinegar that is stored in various barrels. Then while the juice sours it will be skimmed off the top and moved. It doesn’t matter what process is used it is important to make sure that oxygen is infused as much as possible to it.

Some of the alcohol that is used include diluted forms of beer, rice and wine. The bacterium that is in the bubbles is what helps to ferment the other items and then makes it into the vinegar. The temperature is very important when it comes to making the vinegar just right.

Some of the methods and/or processes include: The Orleans method, submerged fermentation method and even the generator method. With the different methods available, there are the different types that can be made and they way they function are all different.

Vinegar can be used as a flavoring, and it is also commonly used in marinades and salad dressings. Vinegar also has many household uses and there are plenty of folk vinegar cures which make it an ideal item to keep in your cupboard for its variety of uses.

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